Insurance Claim Specialists

at Refined Contracting

Have you suffered storm damage to your business or home?  Refined Contracting specializes in coordinating with insurance companies to ensure that your roof, siding, fascia, gutters, skylights, windows, etc. are replaced or repaired promptly and with the utmost care. We work directly with the insurance companies from the initial claim to the end of the project taking the turmoil and headaches away from our clients. We employ our own adjuster so that you do not have to rely strictly on what the insurance company tells you.

We are able to write our own estimates using the industry standard software the insurance companies use to make sure you are getting all the monies you deserve to properly complete your project. In many cases there are unforeseen complications and additions the insurance company could not have predicted, but rest assured, with our staff we will work with the insurance company to get any and all supplements for the project so you, our client, does not have to.

Refined Contracting works with all major insurance companies, and in most cases we have a strong working relationship with many of the adjusters that has been built up over time. You should be aware that while most insurance companies have good intentions, many adjusters do not include code upgrades or specialty roofing requirements that in many cases are necessary to properly complete your project.

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